For Immediate Emergency Boiler Services
In Brooklyn & Queens

Our 24 Hour Emergency Boiler Service Includes (But Not Limited To)

  • Emergency Heating Repair Services 24/7

  • Gas Furnaces Repairs

  • Furnace Repairs, Sales, and Installations

  • Heat Pump Repairs, Sales, and Installations

  • Boilers Repairs, Sales, and Installations

  • We Stock A Complete Line Of Boiler Repair Parts

  • Circulator Pumps Replacements or Repairs

  • Gas Valves ,Thermal Coupling , Pilot Assemblies

  • Programmable Thermostats

  • Pressure Controls

  • Manual Reset Pressure Controls Replaced Or Repaired

  • Glass Gauge Assemblies

  • Pressure Relief Valves

  • Low Water Cut Offs (24v or 110v)

  • Low Water Cut Off Probes

  • Hot Water Mixing Valves

  • Aqua-stats Relays

  • Temperature Gauges

  • Air Vents

  • Back Flow Preventors

  • Bleeding Valves

  • Automatic Water Feeders (24v or 110v)

  • Boiler Drain Valves

  • Gas Burner Tubes Replacements Or Repairs

  • Electronic Ignitions

  • Spark Packs

  • Pilot Assemble Tubing Replacements

  • Stand Up Pilot

  • Boiler Systems Installed (SAME DAY)

  • Custom Duct Work & Duct Cleaning

  • Annual Boiler Tune-Ups & Safety Boiler Inspections

  • 24 Volt Transformers

  • Boiler Emergency Boiler Shut Off Switch

  • Electronic Flue Dampers Replaced Or Repairs

  • Water Shut Off Valves

  • Hot Water Aqua-stats

  • Boiler Flue Pipes Installed Or Repaired

  • Electronic Zoning Valves Replaced Or Repaired

  • Pressure Gauges

  • Expansion Tanks 15 Lb Or 30 Lb

  • Air Eliminators

  • Water Feed Valves

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Water Heater Facts & FAQ'S

SImply put, rusting is what makes steel tanks leak and require replacement. There are a number of factors which contribute to the rusting of water heaters. Proper installation, maintenance and adjustment will almost completely eliminate these factors.

The inside of your tank is protected only as long as the anode rod has sufficient sacrificial metal remaining on it’s steel wire core. Inspect the rod periodically and replace it when needed. Without a functioning anode in your tank, any other measures are just wasting energy.

Just as magnesium anode rods corrode (purposely) in the presence of steel, steel will rust (to the detriment of your tank) when it’s near to copper or brass. The more of these metals there are, the more the steel tank will rust. Water heater connections such as hot, cold and re-circulation loop lines are often made of copper or brass. When they are joined directly to the tank, excessive rusting occurs at the connections, restricting water flow and weakinging the steel. Dielectric unions and plastic lined steel nipples have been developed to reduce this electrolytic corrosion.

Heat forces minerals to come out of the solution, forming solids which settle on the bottom of your tank. This sedient is mostly calcium carbonate. The harder the water, the more sediment you can expect. When sediment accumulates in the gas heater, it forms a barrier between the water and the flame, slowing heat transfer. The subsequent overheating of the tank bottom can cause two problems. First, the glass lining starts dissolving at temperatures over 160 degrees, so over time, the steel tank bottom is gradually exposed to water and potential rusting. Second, severe overheating can weaken the metal bottom to the point of deforming under normal pressure. (Temperatures exceeding 1000 degrees have been measured at the bottom of severly scaled tanks)! Sediment causes additional problems. In both gas and electric heaters, a dense sediment layer can insulate the tank bottom from the protectoin of the anode rod. The sediment can also play host to bacteria. Most of these are not harmful to our health, but they make the environment in the sediment more corrosive, and the steel is under harsher attack than with heat and sediment alone.

Don’t overlook your tank’s surroundings. If the air burned in a gas heater is damp or carries salt, chlorine, or other corrosive chemicals, it will attack the tank from inside the flue and combustion chamber. It may even void the warranty. Keep your heaters dry. Many tanks have failed because of plumbing fitting​ (either on the tank itself or overhead) leaked and rusted through the drain tank externally. Troublemakers include the drain valve, heating elements and hot and cold connections. Evan a loose packing nut on an overhead shut-off valve may leak and ruin a water heater.

It’s useful to determine the age of your tank before working on it. A heater’s age can guide you to appropriate inspection and maintenance. For example, if a heater is only a few years old, its likely the anode rod will still have life in it. However, a heater more than six years old (or one which is using softened water and is over two years old) will probably need a new anode. Older heaters are also more likely to have troubles with a damaged dip tube and more likely to possess recalcitrant drains. To determine the heater’s age look at the serial number printed or stamped onto the name plate. If it starts 0186 or A86, that means it was made in January of 1986. 0286 or B86 means February 1986. If it starts 8604, that means it was built in the fourth week of 1986. If the serial number simply does not make sense with these guidelines, look for “warranty” on the name tag; the A86 or other code may be found there. If none of this leads you to a date, proceed with servicing the unit. It probably needs it.

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Maintenance Plans

We provide a number of professional services to insure your system will run as efficiently and trouble free as possible and if you already have a new system, it will also maintain any factory warranties that came with your new heating system. As the manufacturer requires proof of service if there is ever a warranty claim.

Maintenance Me Plan 1

Save 10% on any heating repairs for a full year!
$ 99
  • Priority Service
  • 35 Point Heating Tune-Up
  • Never a trip charge!
  • Extends Equipment Life
  • One Day Replacement Service
  • So Much More!

Maintenance Me Plan 2

Free Labor On Boiler Repairs!
$ 268
  • Everything In Plan 1
  • Transferable Agreement
  • Free Emergency Valve Tags
  • Recieve A Coupon for $300 off a new heating system!
  • Peace Of Mind
  • And So Much More!
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1. What We Provide and Cover
This Residential Protection Warranty is between you (Client) and NY CITY BOILERS with an address at 2337 MCDONALD AVE, Brooklyn, NY 11223. This Warranty is available for residential customers located in one-OR-two family homes in Brooklyn , whose Equipment (as defined below) is used primarily for residential purposes. The Warranty provides coverage only for (a) gas fired central equipment with an hourly input no greater than 300,000 BTUs, and up to three heating zones (b) and at an additional cost, gas or electric water heating equipment with an hourly input no greater than 95,000 BTUs. All equipment must meet state and local installation codes.

2. When Service Starts
Coverage under each Warranty will commence within fifteen (15) business days after Ny City Boilers receipt of payment together with a copy of the Enrollment Form signed by Client, and will continue for one (1) year period subject to renewal as provided here. The Equipment must be in good operating condition on the day the Warranty takes effect. The Warranty does not cover pre-existing conditions. It is mandatory for Ny City Boilers to gain access as Ny City Boilers reserves the right to make an on-site inspection of the equipment before accepting the equipment for coverage under the warranty.

3. How to Obtain Service
Clients can obtain service under the Warranty by calling 718-373-3030. Ny City Boilers service center is available for calls 24 hours every day.

4. Our One-Year Warranty
Ny City Boilers warrants the Equipment to the extent and subject to the limits of the warranty provided by the manufacturer. Ny City Boilers warrants that, to the extent warranted by the manufacturer, all parts supplied by Ny City Boilers under the warranty shall be free of defects in design and workmanship. In addition, should any services or parts provided by Ny City Boilers prove defective during a one (1) year period following performance or installation, Ny City Boilers shall, at its option, either repair, replace or issue a credit for any such parts, or services: provided, however, that the defect was not caused in any way by the Client or Client’s agents.
This warranty is expressly in lieu of any and all warranties, expressed or implied. Ny City Boilers makes no warranty that such parts are merchantable or fit for any particular purpose, and Ny City Boilers has made no warranties, affirmation of act, or promises, either express or implied, which extend beyond the face of this agreement. Ny City Boilers obligation to repair, replace, or issue credit for any defective part or service shall be Client’s exclusive remedy under this agreement

5. Client’s Right to Cancel the Warranty Client has the right to cancel his or her Warranty by written
notice sent to Ny City Boilers within (20) days from the date Client returns the signed Enrollment form to Ny City Boilers . Client’s written notice of cancellation must be delivered to Ny City Boilers at 2337 McDonald Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11223. If client made no claim under the Warranty within the 20-day period, the Warranty will be become void and all monies paid by the Client will be refunded within 30 days of receipt of cancellation.

6. Ny City Boilers Right to Cancel the Warranty
Ny City Boilers reserves the rights to cancel any Warranty on fifteen (15) days advance written notice sent to Client’s last known address. If Client fails to provide access to the Equipment, if Client fails to service or replace any parts necessary to maintain the Equipment in good working order, or if Ny City Boilers determines that the Equipment is unserviceable at the time of Ny City Boilers first inspection of the Equipment, the Equipment does not qualify under the Warranty, there are unsafe working conditions at Client’s premises, or the Equipment is not being used for its designed purpose. If the Warranty is canceled for any of the above reasons, Ny City Boilers will refund the Warranty price paid by the Client, less the cost of any services and parts provided by Ny City Boilers . Ny City Boilers can cancel the Warranty without notice (and seek a full recovery of its damages by Client) if the Client fails to timely pay the Warranty price, has made a material misrepresentation, or has substantially breached his/her duties relating to the equipment or its use. Any repairs or services provided after any cancellation of the Warranty will be billed at the same cost that a customer would pay who is not covered by the Warranty.

7. Warranty Renewals
Prior to the expiration of the terms of the selected Warranty; Client will be sent a renewal notice advising Client that the warranty is expiring and that payment is required to renew the Warranty and ensure continuous coverage. If Client does not wish to renew the Warranty, Client must advise Ny City Boilers before the expiration date by calling 718-373-3030. The Warranty will be renewed upon receipt of payment. Ny City Boilers reserved the right to change prices at the time of renewal.

8. Conditions Beyond NY CITY BOILERS Control
Ny City Boilers will not be responsible for any delays caused by its failure to obtain necessary parts or render appropriate services on account of or due to weather conditions, the acts of governmental entities, strikes or other labor difficulties, acts of war, or other causes or circumstances beyond Ny City Boilers control. In addition, Ny City Boilers shall not bear the cost of repairs or replacements due to vandalism, abuse, misuse, neglect, modifications not performed by Ny City Boilers , improper or insufficient maintenance by others, or any other cause beyond Ny City Boilers control. Client is responsible for all freight and shipping charges incurred when the company is required to acquire replacement parts from out-of-state sources.

9. Ny City Boilers Limited Liability
Ny City Boilers maximum liability under this Warranty shall not exceed the annual price paid by Client to Ny City Boilers. Ny City Boilers shall not be liable for any consequential or incidental damages of any nature, such as Client’s loss of use of its facilities, loss or revenues, loss of anticipated profits, or the cost of replacement heat or water..Ny City Boilers is not responsible for any damage caused by and not limited to failed boiler or water heater parts such as floods, fire damage, electrical outage, property damage, etc.

10. Other Concerns
This Warranty contains the entire understanding of Ny City Boilers and the Client with respect to the subject matter hereof. Ny City Boilers may modify this Warranty unilaterally ay any time. Client may not assign the Warranty without the written consent of Ny City Boilers. Any action brought under the Warranty shall be commenced in an appropriate court located in Kings County, NY without regard to its principles of conflicts of law. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of the State of NY. Ny City Boilers may assign all or any part of the contract, without the Client’s consent, upon written notice, to any part of the contract, without the Client’s consent, upon written notice, to any entity that agrees in writing to assume Ny City Boilers obligations. Should any provision in this Warranty be deemed invalid or unenforceable, it shall not affect or invalidate the remainder of the Warranty. The headings contained in this Agreement are for reference purposes only and shall not affect in any way the meaning or interpretation of this Agreement.

Tune-Ups are an important part of extending the life of your equipment. Ny City Boilers Warranty includes an annual preventative maintenance and safety check. Our trained professional technicians are familiar with your gas-fired boiler. For your comfort and safety the following is just a partial list of what we will do:

Check the thermostat.
Clean and check the burner.
Check for leaks.
Replace sight glass (steam systems).
Check electrical and gas connectors.
Check for exhaust ventilation and clean the flue ways.
Replace Filters (where applicable).
Lubricate and adjust motors, circulators and blowers.
Check safety valves and controls.
Parts Coverage

PARTS THAT ARE COVERED. A complete list of parts covered by this agreement is found herein. Interchangeable parts will be used when exact parts are not available. Guaranteed rebuilt/remanufactured parts will be covered by warranty addressed on the reversed side, Ny City Boilers will not install a replacement part if either (I) Ny City Boilers is unable to obtain a specific part or an acceptable interchangeable alternate part or (II) the removal of the defective part or the installation of a replacement part could do damage to the Equipment or create an unsafe condition.

WHAT WE DON”T COVER. Unless listed on the chart as noted, all other parts are not covered under the Warranty.

Unless prior written approval is received from Ny City Boilers, work performed (parts and/or service) by any person or entity other than Ny City Boilers is not covered under any Warranty. In addition, the Warranties specifically include all labor and materials for cleaning steam and hot water systems, or for the replacement of furnaces, boilers, boiler sections, humidifiers, and water heaters. The Warranties exclude any service that involves sheet metal work, or requires an electrician. The Warranties do not cover any materials, parts or labor required as a result of unusual circumstances, including, but not limited to, floods, fire, freezing, natural disaster, civil disobedience, riot, war, equipment abuse or the like. Clients are responsible for ordinary maintenance of the Equipment including, but not limited to, the replacement of air filters and thermostat batteries.

If we find an anode rod needs replacing or any other problems, we will point out the area of concern and quote a firm price before any work is started. Every water heater installed by NY CITY BOILERS comes with a lifetime Labor Guarantee of your water heater.